"There are plenty of ways to get ahead. The first is so basic I'm almost embarassed to say it: spend less than you earn."

- Paul Clitheroe

Financial Planning

Once you have established what your life goals are, you need to have a financial plan to help achieve them.

Put simply, financial planning is making the best use of your resources to achieve your life goals.

Your resources include such obvious things as your assets, your income and your capacity to save but also your dedication, enthusiasm and desire to realise your life goals.

Click here for a recent article from The Times with a Real Life example of financial planning in action.

Ahead of our first meeting we will help you calculate your net worth (assets – liabilities) and your annual budget (money in vs money out) which is the starting point of your financial planning and should help improve your financial discipline.

We will then move on to a detailed analysis of your existing pensions, investments, insurances and tax planning.

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