SUCCESS - What does it mean for you?

At Real Life Financial Planning we help you to identify your life goals and then design a financial plan to help you achieve them.


Who Are Real Life Financial Planning?

At Real Life Financial Planning we believe that something big and important is generally lacking in the process of getting financial advice today.

Most financial advisers focus on the numbers - budgeting, investments, taxes, estate planning, or insurance - without exploring the broader context of a client’s life.

We prefer to focus first and foremost on you and the life you want before developing financial recommendations that allow your life goals to be achieved. Only once we have taken the time and effort to get to know you, establish what is really important to you and resolve any obstacles that may be blocking you, do we construct your financial plan so that your finances can support the accomplishment of your life goals.

Why Work With Us?

Real Life Financial Planning are Chartered Financial Planners that strongly believe in the benefits of life planning before moving on to address your financial planning and wealth management issues.

We aim to provide our services at an affordable cost. If we do not think we can add sufficient value to your situation to justify our fees we will say so.

Michael Fairweather has gained over 10 years experience as a fee based financial planner in London before returning to Edinburgh to build his own financial planning practice.

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